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21 August 2014
In a study of 158 pregnant teenagers in Rochester, NY, nearly half engaged in pica – the craving and intentional consumption of ice, cornstarch, vacuum dust, baby powder and soap, and other nonfood ...
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Family Matters. Portraits and experience…

15-08-2014 Hits:83 Contributions Super User - avatar Super User

Family Matters. Portraits and experiences in family today

by Francesco CarelliProfessor of Family Medicine, Milan, RomeWhat do we mean by family? One of the foundations of this apparently natural concept lies in Article 29 of the Italian Constitution,...

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Reversing Chronic Disease by Diet & …

24-07-2014 Hits:150 Contributions Albert  Cilia Vincenti - avatar Albert Cilia Vincenti

An Introduction to Medicine of the Future – Available Today

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Professor Basant Puri to Talk at Malta M…

24-07-2014 Hits:163 Contributions Albert  Cilia Vincenti - avatar Albert Cilia Vincenti

About his Research on Depression, ME & ADHD

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Introducing the PUME Matrix

24-07-2014 Hits:163 Contributions Pierre  Mallia - avatar Pierre Mallia

Professor Pierre Mallia

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A practical and comprehensive overview o…

24-07-2014 Hits:138 Contributions Mark  Aquilina - avatar Mark Aquilina

Present day PET/CT: a dual-imaging modality in oncology

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