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26 May 2016
With temperatures expected to climb fast in the coming weeks, a Rowan Medicine physician says it’s time to remember that it only takes a couple minutes to protect yourself from a disfiguring and ...
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TheSynapse Interviews Modern Management of HIV
Interview with Dr Tonio Piscopo ... Read More

TheSynapse is pleased to announce the launch of another video in the eLearning Series.


TheSynapse Interviews Investigations and Management of Erectile Dysfunction
Interview with Mr Andrew Mercieca ... Read More
TheSynapse Interviews The Role of the Sports and Exercise Medicine Specialist
TheSynapse Interviews Diabetes - the role of various classes of medications
TheSynapse Interviews Asthma and COPD - Diagnosis and Management Update
TheSynapse Interviews Chronic Facial Pain
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Medical Appraisal . New challenges for E…

05-05-2016 Hits:188 Contributions francesco  carelli - avatar francesco carelli

Medical Appraisal . New challenges for European Family Doctors

Francesco Carelli - University Milan, Rome, Cluj  A professional appraisal can be defined as the process whereby an appraiser examines and evaluates an appraisee’s work by comparing it with pre-set standards...

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Umberto Boccioni - a genius

05-05-2016 Hits:158 Contributions francesco  carelli - avatar francesco carelli

Umberto Boccioni - a genius

till describing muscular without muscles, and massive without weight. The rhythms of its forms triumph over the limitations of the human stride to suggest unending movement into infinite space Francesco...

Read more

Rush of Color in German Expressionism

05-05-2016 Hits:173 Contributions francesco  carelli - avatar francesco carelli

Rush of Color in  German Expressionism

Rush of Color in  German Expressionism Hallucinogens, Zarathustra philosophy, and inner visions or inner sightsBy Francesco Carelli, University of Milan, Rome, ERNST LUDWIG KIRCHNER 1880–1938 Group of Artists (Artists’...

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Colonoscopy Screening in Moderate-Risk F…

18-04-2016 Hits:425 Contributions Clayton Fsadni - avatar Clayton Fsadni

Clayton John Fsadni, Sarah Caruana Galizia  Morolayo Owolabi  

Read more

Gastrointestinal bacteria in obesity and…

11-04-2016 Hits:442 Contributions Nikolai  Pace - avatar Nikolai Pace

Nikolai Pace 

Read more
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