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07 July 2015
"Perspectives" article in The New England Journal of Medicine proposes a central role for placebos in patient care The “placebo effect” is often described as events that occur when patients show ...
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TheSynapse Interviews Investigations and Management of Erectile Dysfunction
Interview with Mr Andrew Mercieca ... Read More
TheSynapse Interviews Modern Management of HIV
Interview with Dr Tonio Piscopo ... Read More

TheSynapse is pleased to announce the launch of another video in the eLearning Series.


TheSynapse Interviews The Role of the Sports and Exercise Medicine Specialist
TheSynapse Interviews Diabetes - the role of various classes of medications
TheSynapse Interviews Asthma and COPD - Diagnosis and Management Update
TheSynapse Interviews Chronic Facial Pain
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How to invent Impressionism , how to inv…

07-07-2015 Hits:15 Contributions francesco  carelli - avatar francesco carelli

How to invent Impressionism , how to invent the new art…do you know the history ?

Prof. Francesco Carelli, Milan, Rome, LondonImpressionism is now one on painting’s best -loved movements, yet it produced some of the most controversial images of its time. It owes much of...

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The Cholesterol Controversy – Part I

28-06-2015 Hits:91 Contributions Albert  Cilia Vincenti - avatar Albert Cilia Vincenti

Professor Albert Cilia-Vincenti MD FRCPath

Read more

Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Dis…

28-06-2015 Hits:80 Contributions TheSynapse - avatar TheSynapse

Abstract Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is the commonest life-threatening genetic disease, affecting 12.5 million people worldwide.   It is found in all races and occurs equally in men and women.  PKD...

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The image as burden: by Marlene Dumas

25-06-2015 Hits:136 Contributions francesco  carelli - avatar francesco carelli

The image as burden: by Marlene Dumas

Prof. Francesco Carelli , Milan, Rome, Cluj-Napoca, LondonThe title of the exhibition is taken from a small painting of one figure carrying another, where Dumas  transforms a film still from...

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Diabetes type 2 prevalence in Malta: An …

21-06-2015 Hits:93 Contributions Julian  Mamo - avatar Julian Mamo

Sarah Cuschieri & Julian Mamo

Read more
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