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30 September 2014
Early evidence suggests value treatment effectivenessPatients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) were able to safely tolerate treatment with cells cultured from human placental tissue, according to a study ...


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26-09-2014 Hits:51 Contributions Carl Tua - avatar Carl Tua

Carl Tua

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Keeping a family medical tradition going

26-09-2014 Hits:52 Contributions Marika Azzopardi - avatar Marika Azzopardi

by Marika Azzopardi

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The system is going and pushing in burn-…

15-09-2014 Hits:176 Contributions Super User - avatar Super User

The system is going and pushing in burn-out

Prof. Francesco Carelli EURACT Council Executive Board MemberHigh rates of exhaustion and depersonalization are driving many to consider leaving practice, which would exacerbate doctor shortages and affect patient care, experts...

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New modalities for cancer therapy

13-09-2014 Hits:165 Contributions Super User - avatar Super User

by Maurice Cauchi - The classical ways of combating cancer have included surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. More recently, immunotherapy has been added to this armamentarium on the premise that cancer cells...

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The Challenges to Homeostasis in the Vag…

04-09-2014 Hits:200 Contributions Super User - avatar Super User

by Moira Mizzi

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