COVID-19 case definition has now been amended as follows:

An individual is defined as a suspect case if:

In the previous 14 days, he or she travelled back from any city within China (including Hong Kong), Singapore, Japan, Iran South Korea, Northern Italy regions of Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia Romagna (including the cities of Milan, Turin, Bologna and Venice) or was in close contact* with a person who was known or later confirmed to be suffering from nCoV

has ONE or more of the following symptoms:
Shortness of breath

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

* A close contact is defined as:

living in the same household or household-like setting (e.g. in a boarding school, university accommodation or hostel)
direct contact with the body fluids or laboratory specimens of a case without recommended PPE
a person who spent 2 hours or longer in the same room (such as a GP or ED waiting room)
a person in the same hospital room where an aerosol generating procedure was undertaken on a positive case, without recommended PPE
passengers who were seated on a plane or public transport, in the same row as the case, or in the two rows in front or two rows behind a confirmed 2019-nCoV case..
all crew-members on an aircraft who worked in the same cabin area as a confirmed case of 2019-nCoV.
face-to-face contact, without appropriate PPEs, for more than 15 minutes with a positive case

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