Over the last decade or so we have seen huge developments in the drug management of diabetes starting with the re discovery of old medications like metformin which has regained importance in the management of diabetes as well as the introduction of new classes of anti-diabetic medications.

This has obviously resulted in the need for medical professionals to be conversant as to when to use the right medication for the right patient and in a cost effective manner.

In this edition of TheSynapse eLearning video, Prof Stephen Fava speaks about the role of the various anti-diabetic medications with a particular focus on the various new anti-diabetic classes of drugs.
Prof. Stephen Fava is a consultant physician, diabetologist & endocrinologist and the Head of the Diabetes & Endocrine Centre and Chairperson of the Department of Medicine at Mater Dei Hospital. He has published numerous papers in top international peer-reviewed journals. He has served as a faculty member in a number of international meetings.

Prof. Fava has served as President of the Medical Association of Malta for 6 years. He is also one of the founder members of the Association of Physicians of Malta, and after serving as its Academic Registrar for 4 years, he is currently its President. He has also served for 6 years on the Council of the UEMS, which is the umbrella academic specialist organizations of EU countries.


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