Rosann Axiaq, Advisory Leader at Zampa Debattista

In the dynamic landscape of Malta’s healthcare sector, businesses often find themselves at crossroads of expansion and innovation. In recent years, Malta’s medical profession has witnessed significant growth and evolution, with advancements in technology, new business ideas and increased focus on digital processes. As healthcare businesses strive to enhance patients care and streamline operations, access for funding becomes crucial for growth, innovation and new ventures.

Malta’s commitment to economic development is evident through various support mechanisms provided by Government Authorities. Businesses in the pharmaceutical sector can explore funding options to facilitate expansion, acquire advanced equipment, assess the feasibility of a new venture, and so on.

This article aims to explore some of the funding avenues available to the healthcare community in Malta and sheds light on the importance of embracing digital transformation in processes such as overall operational efficiency.

Business Expansion

Maltese businesses within the healthcare sector looking to expand their operations or diversify their products and services can leverage national and EU funds. The purpose of grants and other fiscal incentives aimed at business expansion is to encourage pharmaceutical businesses to broaden their horizons, whether through the establishment of new facilities, the introduction of new services and products or the inclusion of innovative technologies.

Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation is key to staying competitive in the healthcare industry. To foster a culture of innovation, the Maltese government offers financial support for research and development initiatives, for the implementation of cutting-edge medical technologies and for the introduction of improved healthcare solutions. Hence, businesses engaged in medical research or the development of innovative healthcare products can access funding to propel their projects forward.

Digitalisation Projects

The digital revolution has also transformed the healthcare landscape, making digitalisation a priority for businesses seeking to enhance patient care, streamline operations, improve overall operational efficiency and stay ahead of the curve. Funding is available to support various digitalisation projects, including the implementation of electronic client records, telemedicine solutions and other digital healthcare technologies. Healthcare businesses keen on embracing digital transformation can tap into these funding sources to finance their digital initiatives.

Cybersecurity in Healthcare

As the medical profession increasingly relies on digital technologies, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be understated. It is paramount for these businesses to protect patients’ and clients’ data, maintain the integrity of medical records and ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information. Healthcare businesses should prioritise the integration of robust cybersecurity measures into their practices, and leverage available funding to fortify digital defenses.

Skills Development

Businesses in the healthcare sector may also benefit from schemes specifically targeting skills development and training. These initiatives recognise the importance of investing in human resources and skills to improve business operations. Through such funding programs, healthcare professionals can access funding to cover training costs, equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate the evolving landscape of the medical field. Whether it’s specialised training, certifications or leadership development programs, these schemes play an important role in nurturing talent and fostering a highly skilled workforce within Malta’s healthcare sector.

Feasibility of New Ventures and Business Ideas

Developing a robust business plan is essential for the success of any new venture or business idea. Funding initiatives are designed to aid entrepreneurs in mapping out their goals, financial projections and growth strategies, thereby assessing the feasibility of their new business idea and potential return on investment and ultimately, establishing a solid foundation for successful implementation.


Malta’s healthcare sector is poised for growth, and businesses keen on capitalising on this momentum can explore several funding opportunities provided by the local Government and the EU. Whether expanding or innovating operations, venturing into international markets, embracing digital transformation or developing sound business plans, financial support is available. By tapping into these funding schemes, healthcare businesses can not only navigate the challenges of growth but also contribute to the overall advancement of the healthcare sector in Malta.

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