Prof. Francesco Carelli

Having strong artistic talents, Giorgio Berlini attended the Brera Academy under the guidance of Francesco Messina and Marino Marini. After, begins working glass at the Empoli glassworks in Milan. At the beginning his work consisted of cutting and engraving glasses, a purely qualitative type of work. After a few years he transformed his work as an engraver into that of the “second processing of sheet crystal”. Since then, his company has been producing crystal for chandeliers, for home furnishings and, in part, industrial glass, flat and curved. However, Berlini has always maintained the quality of his workmanship at a high level, so that he has managed to form a team of very skilled collaborators under his leadership, even creating a school of glass art with even revolutionary innovations in the field of real grinding.

After 25 years of application and study on glass, Berlini realizes that he can make art objects, true sculptures, made from blocks of glass and crystal. The result was comforting, because since the first exhibition held in 1974 at the Sagittario gallery in Milan, the success has been great. Many other exhibitions, for example, 1977 Galleria Cavour di Milano, 1977, Museo Skironio Polychronopoulos in Athen, 1984 Cultural Center San Fedele in Milan, personale – 1985 Gallery Galleria du Cigne in Geneve, 1992 Glass Gallery Klute in Wien, 1992 Invetro Galerie in Hannover, – 1995 Yacht Club in Montecarlo. Many of his works are stored abroad in museums or in private collections: in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Brasil, Swizerland, ecc.