G reetings Synapse readers! The newly-elected Executive Team representing the Malta Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (MPSA) has recently (as of March) started its 2014-15 term in office.

MPSA wishes to thank the previous Executive Team, which organised numerous health campaigns in the past year through hard work and commitment, during which considerable awareness was raised thanks to the great response from the general public. One can surely mention World Osteoporosis Day, World Diabetes Day and World Pharmacy Week as a few prime examples in this regard.

Not only does the new Executive Team wish to continue in the former’s footsteps, but MPSA has also set out on a new goal: that of extending its reach to collaborate with other registered organisations representing students on campus, at any given opportunity. We believe this to be a fundamental step in helping our organisation to grow not only in a recognition sense, but also through forging friendly and professional relations with students from other courses.

As a testimony to this, the new MPSA Executive Team inaugurated its 2014-15 calendar of events by collaborating with GħSL (Għaqda Studenti tal-Liġi) and TSA (Tourism Studies Association) to host a get-together event for students on the 14th of April at Surfside, Sliema. Not only was the event nothing short of a success from a turnout perspective, but Matthew Zarb The newly-elected Executive Team Yimeng Zhang it further helped us in reaching our main target i.e. that of prioritising the formation of new professional acquaintances not limited to the health sector.

MPSA also took part in the fundraising walk from Bisazza Street to Spinola Bay (and back) organised by the Richmond Foundation on the 27th of April entitled: “There is no health … without mental health!”. MPSA together with MMSA (Malta Medical Students’ Association) had a stand set up in Bisazza Street, which the public was encouraged to visit for free on-site BMI testing, blood pressure testing and blood glucose testing. Advice on attaining a healthier diet and lifestyle was also provided.

MPSA would like to take this opportunity to thank all the other student organisations mentioned above for their help in organising the said events, and is looking forward to future collaborations with them and other student organisations.

On a final note, I invite you to visit our Facebook page (Malta Pharmaceutical Students’ Association – MPSA), which is constantly being updated so as to keep people upto-date with the activities our association participates in, as well as those which it organises.

Till next time, happy reading!