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170,000 women and counting have discovered LadyCare

The menopause can be a confusing life stage for women ? but it can also be a time of liberation and freedom.  And thanks to a unique medical device called LadyCare, which helps relieve the symptoms associated with menopause, over 170,000 women in the UK have found a new lease of life as they go through the change for the better.
The menopause is a natural process that occurs when ovaries produce fewer hormones which can cause emotional and physical changes in the body, so it makes sense to treat it naturally.  While many GPs may reluctantly recommend hormone replacement therapy (HRT) using potentially dangerous, synthetic hormones, 60,000 women a year are discovering a safe and gentle option with LadyCare.
LadyCare is a unique device which is believed to help balance mood and alleviate physical symptoms of menopause, allowing women to get on with their day-to-day and enjoy life to the full.  Small and discrete, LadyCare is worn continuously over the pelvic area.  Clipped onto underwear and out of site, no one will know that LadyCare is being worn ? although they won?t fail to notice the improved mood and positive outlook it brings to whoever wears it.
But don?t just take the word of 170,000 women for it.  News of the discovery of LadyCare?s benefits has even spread to GPs, nurses  and NHS menopause clinics who are recommending LadyCare in increasing numbers.  Safe and simple to use, their recommendation doesn?t come without the evidence to support it; a recent three month study1 of 508 menopausal women found that LadyCare not only reduced 60% of symptoms associated with menopause including sleep deprivation, hot flushes, mood swings and a loss of libido*, but also delivered:
?         Weight loss
?         Sounder sleep
?         Better skin tone
?         Increased energy
?         Improved sex life
?          More controlled emotions
Dr Nyjon Eccles BSc MBBS PhD MRCP, who led the research, says:
?There are over 25 symptoms associated with the menopause and it does not affect each woman in the same way.  While other treatments may address individual symptoms, LadyCare?s ability to deliver symptomatic relief across the board make it ideal for any woman who is looking to regain balance using safe and natural means.?

Directions for use
LadyCare attaches discreetly and comfortably in underwear and should be worn approximately four inches below the navel.  Remove the small magnetic button from the main curved part and place the curved face against the body on the inside of the underwear with the magnetic button on the outside.

1. Dr Nyjon. K. Eccles: Survey to determine the effect of the static magnetic device, LadyCare, on menopause symptoms, 2005

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