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Article byMichael van Straten
complementaryHealth Journalist of the Year, 2004
Herbal pills helped me drop 4 dress sizes
Rebecca Chapman, 32, from Ipswich, was a slim size 12 on her wedding day ?thanks to three rainforest herbs.
Rebecca gained 4st while she was pregnant with her daughter Ellie, now three, and afterwards found it extremely difficult to get back in shape.
?I didn?t even lose half a stone after the birth. I stayed 12st 7lb (79kg) and size 18 (I?m only 5ft 4in). I was always eating ?I could stuff myself with 12 pancakes in one go, faster than my partner Duncan could make them. I only breast-fed for five weeks, so I couldn?t blame my appetite on that, either.
I tried the Atkins diet and lost a few pounds but I put it all back on after 10 days of ordinary eating. ?When we set a date for our wedding last year, I was determined to be a slim bride. A friend told me about a new herbal slimming pill called Zotrim. It wasn?t on the market yet but they wanted volunteers to take part in a trial, so I started taking the pills last April. They?re supposed to stop you feeling hungry, reduce how much you eat and encourage weight loss.
?They certainly worked for me. I lost 2?st in five months. When I got married in November, my size 12 wedding dress had to be taken in. Nine months later, I?m much more active and health-conscious. I?m still 10st (64kg) and size 12.?

Breakfast: cereal and yogurt, tea and coffee
Snack: a piece of fruit
Lunch: a wholemeal salad sandwich
Dinner: pasta, fish, stir-fries or pizza
Drinks: fruit juice, one or two glasses of wine
MICHAEL SAYS: I?m usually suspicious of slimming pills, but Zotrim is different. It makes no claims to burn fat, stimulate metabolism or prevent absorption of food. Its action is simple ?it increases the time needed for the stomach to empty and makes you feel fuller sooner, for longer. The pills contain three South American herbs: Guarana, Yerba Mate and Damiana. These are all used by rainforest tribes to prevent hunger and boost energy. ?Rebecca?s diet is now pretty good. She?s continued the habit of eating less, and apart from taking a simple calcium/vitamin D supplement and a couple of portions of oily fish a week, she shouldn?t change a thing

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