Joseph Pace, Consultant Dermatologist

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed by dermatologists primarily for acne and rosacea, but also for many other inflammatory and infectious diseases where antibiotics are central for optimal management. Multiple growing national and global concerns from the UN, WHO, and the World Medical Association (among many others)* related to antibiotic resistance make it mandatory for all healthcare professionals to critically address their prescribing habits and patient compliance and initiate an antibiotic stewardship policy to optimise drug dosing and duration that might help minimise the emergence of resistance. This presentation addresses current antibiotic usage, the potential adverse effects to both the individual and the community, and makes suggestions for an effective antibiotic stewardship policy to attempt
reduction of the serious concerns that have arisen.

*“The global increase in antibiotic resistance has created a public health problem of potential crisis proportions” World Medical Association 1996
“Resistance of P..acnes to antibiotics is an INCREASING PROBLEM. Its mechanism, prevention, and therapy require URGENT ATTENTION…” Cunliffe W. J Derm 2000