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What is the Asthma Control Test?

Asthma is a common and treatable disease which can impact heavily on quality of life. Medical experts now agree that the level of asthma control is a key feature when determining the best asthma treatment required.1

The Asthma Control Test has been conceived by medical asthma experts and scientifi cally tested on hundreds of asthmatic sufferers.1

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Result determines your patient’s level of CONTROL
Why is it useful?
>50% of patients have poor control of their asthma, despite the availability of treatments to help manage their condition2

The Asthma Control Test provides asthma sufferers and their doctors with a useful score which will help them determine the level of treatment required.1

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“When I feel unwell I carry out the test.
If the score is less than 20 I know I need to speak to my doctor to prevent an attack”
Asthma Patient
“When I see that my regular patients are using Salbutamol more than twice per week, I recommend the Asthma Control Test.
If the score is less than 20 I refer them to their Physician”
“The Asthma Control Test gives me an objective measure of my patients’ level of control.
Over a span of time, I can review my patients’ progress with the treatments I’m recommending”


NEW Asthma Control Test Features
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1. Asthmacontroltest website: Accessed February 2016. 2. Demoly, P et al. Repeated cross-sectional survey of patient-reported asthma control in Europe in the past 5 years. European Respiratory Review. 2012; 21(123): 66-24.
MLT_GIB/FFT/0006/16a Date of Preparation: March 2016