Albert Cilia Vincenti

– Claims that a Fish Oil Extract is a Breakthrough Treatment for Depression, ME and other Brain Function Disorders

Scientific evidence indicates that diet and lifestyle influence gene expression, and that the old notion that you “cannot change what’s in your genes” is exactly that – old hat.  Natural medicine is emerging as an important adjunct to conventional medicine, and it therefore behoves physicians to be receptive to its claims that it may provide safer remedies than pharmaceutical drugs and surgeons’ implements.

Professor Basant Puri, a distinguished London medical scientist, expert in psychiatry, neuroscience and super-specialised MRI brain scanning, claims that depression can be beaten with a purified fish oil extract.  Marine oil contains two essential fatty acids, EPA and

DHA – important components of all our cell membranes, including those of neurons and their synapses.   Puri not only believes that a deficiency of these fatty acids in neuronal membranes is linked to mood disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome/ME and to attention deficit and hyperactivity, but that EPA is the important fatty acid.  He claims DHA hinders EPA, and that the best results are achieved with a pure EPA preparation specially developed for his research.  He claims pure EPA is a therapeutic breakthrough and, unlike anti-depressive drugs, has no unpleasant side-effects and prevents recurrence.

Puri claims his MRI scans show shrunken grey cortex in mood disorders and ME, and that the grey cortex returns to normal thickness after successful treatment with pure EPA.  He also claims it is beneficial in schizophrenia and Huntington’s disease, and that it is better than pharmaceutical drugs for attention deficit and hyperactivity states. Read Puri’s books on these subjects – they are available from as is the pure EPA called VegEPA.  References to Basant Puri’s scientific publications are on Google.

Professor Cilia-Vincenti is a former teacher of disease mechanisms at London and Malta medical schools, and has a longstanding interest in natural medicine.