Prof. Francesco Carelli


It is for Stilnovo, 1980, this model is called Ribbon ( Nastro )


Anyone who owned a coffee machine in the 90s certainly had the one designed by Alberto Fraser. Alberto Fraser was born and raised in Glasgow but he studied architecture and industrial design in the United States. He lives and works in Milan where he has established his company Design Works. He has a specific interest in light, which has resulted in many designs for lightning and light installations. He began to collaborate with Stilnovo, Artemide e Salviati, tool handles for L.A.M.P., shower cabins and bathtubs for Coema Plast, kitchen appliances for Ariston and original sunglasses for Ray Ban. The maximum expression of his activity is given by his great interest in light as a visual experiment for interacting and communicating. He creates a series of lighting projects like the one in the competition “Lights of the future” in Frankfurt in 2008, or the one “ ‘Light exhibition design’ in Milan for the study of a permanent lighting system of the monument Arch of Peace in 2010. Reported in the 2008 edition of the Compasso d’Oro with the lighting fixture Lily Marlene created for Luxit.

Iconic is the table lamp like a string, with flexible multi-coloured extruded pvc stem with electrical cabling rising from a polycarbonate weighted base. It is for Stilnovo, 1980, this model is called Ribbon ( Nastro ).