MMSA – Georgiana Farrugia

The most active student organization on Campus since 1951!

T he Malta Medical Students’ Association (MMSA) has been accompanying me throughout my pre-clinical years, and it’s what will continue to make the demanding med-school journey bearable. I still remember myself as a fresher. I was so keen on being a member of this association, consisting of a dedicated team of hard-working medical students, all sharing one altruistic aim: that of promoting good and improving the quality of life of everyone that comes across it.

Nowhere else but in this association have I seen so many outbursts of enthusiasm and genuine appreciation, which is what initially prompted me to volunteer, by providing free health checks to the general public in a variety of health-related events. Shortly after, I lent a helping hand by occupying the role of an MMSA Official Photographer. On top of this, last year I decided to take it a step further by joining the MMSA Publications team, as well as fulfilling the roles of MMSA Teddy Bear Hospital Coordinator during Summer 2014, and MMSA International Coordinator throughout the remaining academic period 2014/2015.

I simply cannot quantify how much I have gained from this association, for it has provided me with an environment in which I could thrive, both personally and professionally. It didn’t take long before all this turned into a path of self-discovery. The MMSA has taught me more life lessons than any academic institution, but above all, I learnt to be flexible and open-minded. Now I feel more at ease when collaborating with a variety of individuals from different spectrums of life.

It is pretty understandable that with our busy lives as medical students it can be quite difficult to dedicate time to volunteering, but let me assure you, it’s possible. And it is worth it. I encourage you to make the utmost of your University life, and start contributing to the success of our beloved MMSA. It is the same courage you need to touch other people’s lives as a future physician.