MMSA – Sahra Haji

I cannot exactly pinpoint my first experience with MMSA. However, I still have the memories and the hundreds of photos that I gathered over the past 3 years from being an active member. In my first year at the UOM, I was so enthusiastic, energetic and so engrossed in medicine that I tried to attend anything and everything that was on offer. When you’re a student living on a limited budget and away from parents in a foreign country, events like these also offer lots of food that helps to keep you alive. There are so many events and activities organised by the MMSA every year that there is something for all medical students; everyone is given a chance to take an active part in this hard-working student organisation. In reminiscence, we were warmly welcomed on the first day of university by the MMSA executive committee who introduced us to the world and values of MMSA. They encouraged us to attend the Training Resources and Development Weekend – a wild actionpacked event full of medical training sessions, including suturing and bandaging and evening costume parties; it also provided an opportunity to socialise with everyone outside of the university and hospital environment.

In first year, I also participated in World Diabetes Day. For this, I had to train how to measure the blood pressure, BMI and blood glucose levels. At the event, I applied the training on the general public going about their daily business in Valletta. I also attended the National Peer Education Training Weekend to enhance my presentation skills for peer education sessions in Maltese schools. The aim was to raise awareness regarding important medical and social issues such as stroke management, smoking, alcohol, drugs, sexual education, discrimination and human rights. More recently, I have written a number of medical articles for the Times of Malta so I can say that now I am a legitimate journalist. I also represented MMSA on the Waves – a video and audio podcast, in association with the Synapse, discussing various medical topics. During this podcat, information on upcoming MMSA events was also given. It may be accessed on

Overall, it has given me great satisfaction to make a valuable contribution to the society that has welcomed me with open arms and given me the privilege to study medicine in Malta. Can’t wait to see what the future holds…